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- Software Solutions

MIS, including the honor to have available expertise in the field of production accounting software and management software used to provide the best solutions to institutions and facilities planning and management of its resources to achieve the set objectives and increase profitability,,,

- Enterprises management systems

this group of systems is one of the most specialized systems, as it applies all the administrative demands and needs to keep every department’s workflow organized and also connected to the main system and the administration. It support every department with highly organized and easy way of saving and recalling the data, also support the administration with scheduled reports to make the evaluating process much easier and help with monitoring performances.

This group consists of the following systems:

  1. Cost and production system
  2. Financial accounting system
  3. Fixed assets accounting system
  4. Sales management system
  5. Procurement management system
  6. Human resources system
  7. Payroll system
  8. Attendance and leave system
  9. Planning and follow up management system
  10. Preventive maintenance management system
  11. Treasury account management system

First: Why should you buy an accounting system ?

* Because this system will save you time, and time went by, as they say, you do not have to times long tunnels in the coordination and the inclusion of review and audit and analyze your accounts and prepare reports and budgets of their own. But that this system will all these long operations automatically in a time very short compared to time-who would have spent if you perform these operations manually by 10 / 1 approximately. This is in addition to that will ensure you quick access to information and reports that you want from your accounts at any time and get it amazing speed.

* Because this system will save you the effort, the system will be easy going to the trouble of doing routine accounting operations long trek which takes you to a great mental effort, you need it to do other tasks of priority.

* Because this system will save you money, you will not need to run more than necessary for the employees concerned accounts for various accounting operations of (coordinate and restrictions and control, review and analysis) and the system will save you a strict financial control and management accounting, flexible and accurate

* Because this system will provide protection for your accounts and confidentiality, it will keep your accounts system is far from curious eyes and hands of abusers through the security system and another system to accurately define the powers of the users.

* Because this system will improve your performance and increase your productivity, and because this system will allow you to get rid of red tape will give you the long and easy solutions and developed to accomplish your tasks.

Second: Why should you buy from Egypt for Integrated Solutions ?

* programming experience in the long program accounting and administrative Mays achieved through the trust of many sectors in the various levels as a result of its commitment to the continual development of their programs.

* Advisory expertise for the implementation phase.

* High flexibility and adaptability inherent and always for the accuracy of the results and powers that characterized the products MIS.

* developed with the latest programming languages and the best databases.

Price of the software includes all of the following services for free

  1. Training for all staff dealing with the program.
  2. Officer of the company installed the program at your company.
  3. Supervise the implementation of the system with the provision of technical consultancy.
  4. MIS systems guarantee provided for a full year from the date of supply with the new download updates from the program.
  5. The company MIS to provide remote technical support (Help Online) withoutadditional cost.

Some Of Our Clients


International Conference on Modeling and Optimization

MIS in International Conference on Modeling and Optimization (ICMO 2011)

Oct 1 - 3, 2011
Cairo, Egypt.
All accepted papers will be published in the ICGIP conference proceedings by SPIE

Integrated Security Systems Conference 2011

Integrated Security Systems Conference 2011

Jul 10 - 14, 2011,
Cairo, Egypt.
MIS organized the event for Integrated Security Systems.

MIS in Automation Technology Egypt 2011

MIS in Automation Technology Egypt 2011

May 7 - 9, 2011,
Cairo, Egypt.
Cairo Int'l Conferences Center

MIS in ICT Exhibition

MIS in ICT Exhibition

Cairo, Egypt.
MIS participated in Cairo ICT with its elegant booth, where we presented all our products and solutions to the visitors. Visitors were very satisfied and impressed with the professional way we demonstrate our solutions. They had a full explanation from MIS team at the fair to their quires and many requests were put in our data base to respond to the customer requirements

success story with Universal Group

MIS Achieve a new success story with Universal Group Co.

Jun 07 - 09, 2011,
Cairo, Egypt.
Reference to importance of the integrated security systems, specifically the system of time attendance (fingerprint), we would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Universal Group Company for successfully completing the different stages to implement the program time attendance