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Our mission

This is Misr for Integrated Solutions Company, We deal with technology as one of our company's assets; which in turn, contributes to the simplicity and ease of work, while being committed to the highest degree of quality and proficiency, through a harmonious and cooperative teamwork that combines between two significant elements: the vividness of the youth with their capacity to invent the best and easiest solutions; and secondly, the experience which helps our company achieve long - term targets and goals, emphasizing and enhancing the added values of our clients. We also pay great attention to the growth and development of your businesses, since this leads surely to the growth and development of our company. whereas, we adopt the hand in hand policy for the growth, support and development of Information Technology (IT).

Our Vision

Our Vision To be the company MIS (Misr for Integrated Solutions) number one in the Middle East as the best partner specializing in the application of advanced technology and used in the development and growth of our partners and customers and increase profits and remain in the market

Our Values

It's by the values described below that we run our company and conduct business with our clientele.

  1. Trustworthy: Our clients trust us with there business. Often we need to know everything about your business in order to develop software for your company. Our clients know and trust that the information we are privy to stays with us. Our clients know that they can trust that we will deliver when we say we will.
  2. Honesty: Often over looked but we believe that honesty will result in a better experience between ourselves and the client. We will even tell you where we make profit and how much profit we make from your business. In the end we know that honesty results in our clients trusting us.

  3. Integrity: Very much in line with the trust and honesty, we conduct all our business with the utmost integrity. We do what we say we will do, when we see something that can be done better, we tell you about it and adjust accordingly.

  4. Reliable: Simply put, we have never let a client down before, we always finish what we started with. With regards the monthly services we offer, we will always prearrange the days in which we come service your company. In terms of emergency situations where there is hardware failure etc, we will help you as best we can to be up and running in the same day if not the same hour.

  5. Cost Effective: There is very little that our company does where we can't show you either the extra turnover achieved, the cost savings are the enhanced service offering to your own clients and employees. It's exceptionally important to us to show all our clients some form of a return on their software development or website design investment.


Some Of Our Clients


International Conference on Modeling and Optimization

MIS in International Conference on Modeling and Optimization (ICMO 2011)

Oct 1 - 3, 2011
Cairo, Egypt.
All accepted papers will be published in the ICGIP conference proceedings by SPIE

Integrated Security Systems Conference 2011

Integrated Security Systems Conference 2011

Jul 10 - 14, 2011,
Cairo, Egypt.
MIS organized the event for Integrated Security Systems.

MIS in Automation Technology Egypt 2011

MIS in Automation Technology Egypt 2011

May 7 - 9, 2011,
Cairo, Egypt.
Cairo Int'l Conferences Center

MIS in ICT Exhibition

MIS in ICT Exhibition

Cairo, Egypt.
MIS participated in Cairo ICT with its elegant booth, where we presented all our products and solutions to the visitors. Visitors were very satisfied and impressed with the professional way we demonstrate our solutions. They had a full explanation from MIS team at the fair to their quires and many requests were put in our data base to respond to the customer requirements

success story with Universal Group

MIS Achieve a new success story with Universal Group Co.

Jun 07 - 09, 2011,
Cairo, Egypt.
Reference to importance of the integrated security systems, specifically the system of time attendance (fingerprint), we would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Universal Group Company for successfully completing the different stages to implement the program time attendance